Putting Our Polycarbonate Cab Enclosures to the Test

Putting Our Polycarbonate Cab Enclosures to the Test



At ProEnclosures, we take great pride in crafting robust and reliable polycarbonate cab enclosures for forklifts. We understand the importance of safety and durability in the material handling industry. That's why we decided to put our products through an intensive strength testing session to showcase their exceptional resilience. In this article, we'll walk you through our rigorous testing process and highlight the remarkable strength of our polycarbonate cab enclosures.

The Test

We subjected our polycarbonate cab enclosures to a series of demanding tests. Armed with hammers, cinder blocks, and various other objects, we aimed to push the limits of our products. With each impact, we closely observed how our enclosures stood strong, absorbing the force while maintaining their integrity.


Unyielding Protection 

Our rigorous testing revealed the remarkable strength of our polycarbonate cab enclosures. Even when subjected to high impact forces, they demonstrated exceptional resistance against damage. The polycarbonate material, known for its durability and shatter-resistant properties, proved its worth as it withstood blows without compromising operator safety or structural integrity.

 Unmatched Reliability

The strength of our polycarbonate cab enclosures is a testament to our commitment to reliability. We understand that forklift operators require a safe working environment, free from potential hazards. Our enclosures are designed to provide robust protection, ensuring operators can carry out their tasks with peace of mind.

 Elevating Safety Standards

Safety is paramount in the material handling industry, and our polycarbonate cab enclosures deliver on this front. By showcasing the strength and durability of our products, we aim to inspire confidence in forklift operators and businesses alike. With our enclosures, you can elevate safety standards, safeguarding both your operators and equipment from potential risks.


At ProEnclosures, our commitment to producing top-quality polycarbonate cab enclosures is unwavering. Through rigorous testing, we have demonstrated the exceptional strength and durability of our products. With our enclosures, you can ensure a safer working environment for your operators, promoting productivity and peace of mind. Join us in raising the bar for forklift safety standards. Contact ProEnclosures today to learn more about our reliable and robust solutions.

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