Forklift with a cab enclosure in the snow
Are you winter ready?

cab & Heater kits

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Windshield Wiper Kits

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Are your Operators

Stay dry with a ProEnclosures roof
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New makes and models

Interested in specific enclosures?
Toyota Forklift with Cab Enclosure

Safety Meets Comfort

Why polycarbonate?

250X Stronger

250X stronger than glass
and 25X stronger than acrylic


Hard coated for durability
but still flexible and lightweight


Highly resistant to chemicals,
high temperatures and scratches.

Get ready to cab and conquer

Forklift Cab Enclosures

don't let the weather rain on your parade - cab up and shop now!

Shop cab enclosures now
Engineer Scanning Forklift
Meticulously engineered

Our fitment is 100% snug every time because we do 110% of the work every time. 

Full Protection

Windshields, Doors & Roofs

to keep you fully protected from work hazards and the elements.

Heater Kits

Each kit includes mounting brackets and all hardware/plumbing required to install.

Windshield Wiper Kits

Includes dual-speed wiper motor, fluid reservoir, and mountable box for rocker switches.

Years of Experience

Our team of engineers has a collective 20 years of experience in working with polycarbonate enclosure systems.


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