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Sit-Down vs. Stand-Up Forklifts
Not sure which forklift you need? Here at ProEnclosures, we have all the need-to-know facts about stand-up vs. sit-down forklifts.
Warehouse Forklift Safety—Common OSHA Forklift Violations
Let's look at the most common warehouse forklift violations. OSHA requires proper training, regular inspections, and maintenance upkeep to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of forklift operators and warehouse workers.
Navigating the Warehouse—Forklift Manufactures are Pushing the Envelope
Forklift manufacturers are competing to be the best. In return, an impressive line of Forklifts has been produced for the workforce.
Optimizing Performance—ProEnclosures' Forklift Accessory Guide
Use ProEnclosures’ forklift accessory guide to help you upgrade your line of forklifts for better work efficiency, protection, and more.
Putting Our Polycarbonate Cab Enclosures to the Test
    At ProEnclosures, we take great pride in crafting robust and reliable polycarbonate cab enclosures for forklifts. We understand the importance of safety and durability in the material handling industry. That's why we decided to put our products through...
National Forklift Safety Day: Promoting a Culture of Safety
Introduction: National Forklift Safety Day is an annual event that serves as a timely reminder of the critical importance of safety in the material handling industry. While this year's National Forklift Safety Day may have come and gone, the significance...
How to Safely Lift Heavy Objects at Work
Learn how to safely lift heavy objects at work with our helpful tips and techniques.
An in-depth look at the different types of forklifts
Forklifts are an essential tool in many industries for moving heavy loads and materials. There are several different types of forklifts, each designed for specific tasks and environments. In this article, we will discuss the various types of forklifts and...
A detailed look at the different parts that make up a forklift
Forklifts come in different sizes and configurations, but they all share some common components that make them capable of lifting and transporting heavy objects. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the different parts of a forklift and their functions.
Forklift Windshields: Polycarbonate Vs Glass Vs Acrylic
Three common materials for forklift windshields are polycarbonate, glass, and acrylic. In this blog post, we will compare these materials and determine which is the safest and most cost-effective option in the long run.
Best Practices For a Safer Forklift Work Environment
Creating a safe work environment for forklift drivers requires a combination of training, maintenance, signage and markings, traffic management, lighting, and personal protective equipment. By implementing these measures, employers can help to protect their forklift drivers from injury and create a safer workplace.
The benefits of polycarbonate forklift windshields
A polycarbonate windshield on your forklift can provide a number of benefits, including increased safety, better visibility, weather resistance, low maintenance, and cost-effectiveness.
The Benefits Of Polycarbonate Forklift Roofs
Polycarbonate roofs have become increasingly popular as a roofing solution for forklifts in industrial settings. This is because they offer numerous benefits that make them an ideal choice for protecting operators and cargo from the elements while working outdoors.
The Benefits Of Polycarbonate Forklift Cab Enclosures
Polycarbonate cab enclosures are an essential component of forklifts that offer a wide range of benefits. These enclosures are made of a durable, lightweight material that provides excellent visibility and protection for forklift operators.