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Protect Your Forklift And Operators From Rain And Snow With Our Easy-to-Install Roof Covers!
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Mitsubishi forklift cab enclosure roof

Enhanced Protection

We prioritize operator protection with our robust, polycarbonate forklift rain cover. They provide a reliable shield against potential hazards falling debris, and unfavorable weather.

enjoy the view

Experience uncompromised visibility and crystal-clear views for years of use. They also minimize blind spots and enhance operator awareness.

Designed for an Exact Fit

Each one of our Forklift roofs are designed to match the exact fitment of your machine. By strategically engineering each roof we are able to deliver a rattle-free fit that makes the work day a little more bearable.

Polycarbonate—The Best Forklift Cover Material


Hard coated for durability
but still flexible and lightweight

250x stronger

250X stronger than glass
and 25X stronger than acrylic


Highly resistant to chemicals,
high temperatures and scratches.

Made with the Best Parts

Sure—our forklift roofs are the best in the industry. But that’s because we pay attention to all the details, no matter how small. 

Water-Tight Seals

Construction sites, lumber yards, and shipping ports are just a few locations where outside forklift applications are used. We imagine your operators are tired of getting soaked. Thanks to our clever engineering, our forklift covers are secured using robust, water-tight seals.

Heavy-Duty Brackets

We've engineered these forklift covers to provide an added layer of protection. They're reinforced with heavy-duty steel brackets for added security, firmly attaching them to your machine.

Easy to Install

All of forklift covers come with colored, step-by-step instructions that makes installation a breeze.

Discover the full package

Complete your ultimate protection package by viewing our full cab enclosure offerings.

Cab Enclosures

Made in the U.S.A

It doesn't get much better than this—all of our roofs are made right here, in the United States. We assure you that when you get a ProEnclosure Forklift Cover, you're getting a superior roof made from quality material and engineered by the best of the best. 

We prioritize domestic manufacturing to support local industries and maintain strict quality control standards.

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