Improve Your Material Handling Productivity

Improve Your Material Handling Productivity


Getting more done in less time is the name of the game when it comes to manufacturing. Even if you don’t have a ton to do, finishing tasks faster, safer, and easier is always good.

But how do you find the best ways to save time and move things more efficiently and safely? It can be tricky because every forklift and workspace is different. Here are some key things to look at to help you get more done.

Pick the Right Forklift

Using the right forklift is really important. Different forklifts do different things better. Some forklifts are better in tight spaces because they have shorter bodies. This means they can move around more easily without getting stuck. If you need to lift and lower things quickly, some forklifts are faster than others. If workers have to get on and off the forklift a lot, a stand-up rider might be better than a sit-down one. For electric forklifts, the type of battery and how long it lasts can make a big difference in how long you can use it before needing to recharge.

Add Helpful Tools and Attachments

When workers have the right tools, they can do their jobs better and faster. Some cool features, like auto-tilt leveling, fork tip lasers, cameras, and height indicators, make it easier to see what you’re doing and avoid mistakes. Ergonomic tools, like a grip with a horn button for reversing, make it easier and safer to drive the forklift.

Adding simple tools like side shifters, which let you move the forks from inside the cab, can save a lot of time. OSHA and the ITSDF say you need to check your work area and rules to see if you need any extra tools.

Forklift in warehouse
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Choose the Right Attachments

Not all forklift attachments are the same. Different attachments, like clamps, rotators, and side shifters, have different features that might be better for your job. Look at things like how fast they work, their size, and how easy it is to see when using them. Special attachments, like layer pickers that can grab multiple layers at once, or ones that can lift two pallets at a time, can make a big difference. Remember, if you change your forklift or add attachments, you need to follow ANSI and OSHA rules, and get approval from the manufacturer.

Improve Your Workspace Layout

Take a look at how your workspace is set up and think about ways to make it safer and more efficient. Sometimes, as companies grow or change, they put new things in places that aren’t the best for long-term use. Think about better ways to organize storage and move operations to spots that make more sense. This can save a lot of time moving products around.

You don’t have to figure this out by yourself. Talk to safety experts who know your work area and can help you decide what tools and changes are needed. Your local forklift dealer can do a site survey and suggest ways to boost productivity and efficiency.

ProEnclosures Cab Enclosures

Protecting your operators and improving their comfort is crucial for productivity. ProEnclosures offers high-quality forklift cab enclosures designed for both indoor and outdoor operations. Whether you need extra protection from the elements or want to create a more comfortable working environment, our enclosures are the perfect solution.

Our cab enclosures, provide full protection with doors, windshields, and roofs. They are designed for your forklift’s frame, giving a secure and comfortable fit. Our enclosures are made from top-notch, durable materials, including polycarbonate and steel. By keeping operators warm and dry, they can work more efficiently and with greater comfort. Shop our fleet of forklift enclosures today.

ProEnclosures Full Cab Enclosure

Installing a ProEnclosures' cab enclosure is easy with basic hand tools. You can purchase components individually or as a complete set, depending on your needs.
Photo by: ProEnclosures

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