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Optimizing Performance—ProEnclosures' Forklift Accessory Guide

Optimizing Performance—ProEnclosures' Forklift Accessory Guide

Forklifts are indispensable workhorses in warehouses, construction sites, and industrial settings—taking on the burden of lifting and moving heavy objects so we don’t have to. However, to optimize their functionality and ensure operator safety, it's essential to equip them with the right accessories. 

From protective enclosures to climate control features, forklift accessories play a vital role in enhancing performance, comfort, and safety. In this forklift accessories guide, we'll explore a range of products that will do just that. 

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ProEnclosures’ forklift full cab enclosure
Photo by ProEnclosures

Forklift Roof

When it comes to operating forklifts, ensuring the safety and comfort of operators is paramount. Harsh weather conditions can not only pose risks to operators but also jeopardize the integrity of the forklift itself. 

That’s why you need to add a roof to your machine. 

Here at ProEnclosures, we engineer and build our roof from polycarbonate. Why? Because polycarbonate has ultra-strong characteristics. 

In fact, it's 25 times stronger than acrylic and a whopping 250 times stronger than glass. This means our roofs offer the best protection from things overhead that you could ever want.

And polycarbonate is completely transparent so it doesn’t obstruct your view. 

A roof will also reduce the noise that enters your cab, giving you a more comfortable work environment.  

And the design of each roof gives you a tailor-made fit to your forklift, keeping dust and rain from entering your cab.

ProEnclosures’ forklift roof
Designed to provide a crystal-clear view, these roofs minimize blind spots and enhance operator awareness of their surroundings. Photo by ProEnclosures

Forklift Front and Rear Windshield

You never know what work conditions are going to be like. One day the sun could be shining, and the next day it's raining cat and dogs (not literally). Or the warehouse could be super quiet and motionless one day, and the next day is the busiest time of the year with a ton of moving parts. 

Regardless if you’re working in the elements or in a busy warehouse, there are several reasons why you need a front or rear windshield while you're operating a forklift.

  • Protection from the elements
  • Protection from potential falling objects
  • Increases cab comfort
  • Eliminates dust swirl inside your cab when you have both a front and rear windshield
  • Offers great visibility and retains clarity for years.

Of course, we construct both our front and rear forklift windshields from polycarbonate—it’s the best windshield material out there. And they’re scratch resistant so they will keep their clarity for years.

ProEnclosures’ forklift windshield
Constructed with exceptional quality and durability, our windshields offer unparalleled impact resistance without compromising visibility. Photo by ProEnclosures

Forklift Doors

Upgrade your forklift with a set of forklift cab doors. We know it's not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about forklifts, but adding a set of doors to your machine serves several purposes:
  • SafetyForklifts are often operated in busy industrial environments where there may be hazards such as moving machinery, falling objects, or adverse weather conditions. Doors can provide a physical barrier to protect the operator from these dangers. 
  • Weather protectionForklift operators may be exposed to extreme temperatures, rain, snow, wind, or dust while working outdoors or in unenclosed areas. Doors help shield the operator from the elements, ensuring comfort and maintaining productivity regardless of weather conditions. 
  • Noise reductionForklifts can be noisy, especially in industrial settings where there are multiple forklifts operating at the same time. Adding doors can help to dampen noise levels inside the cab, creating a more comfortable working environment 
  • Security— in some environments, such as warehouses or distribution centers, there may be concerns about unauthorized access to forklifts or theft of valuable equipment or cargo. Doors with locking mechanisms can help secure the operator’s cab when the forklift is not in use, reducing the risk of theft or tampering. 

Overall, adding doors to a forklift can improve operator safety, comfort, and security, making it a worthwhile upgrade for those operating in industrial environments.
ProEnclosures’ forklift cab doors


ProEnclosures takes pride in manufacturing its forklift doors right here in the USA. They are built using high-quality materials and top-of-the-line engineering to deliver exceptional durability and performance. Photo by ProEnclosures

Forklift Cab Heater

When the weather turns cold, working on a forklift can be a chilly affair. That's where a forklift heater comes in. 

ProEnclosures’ forklift heater provides reliable warmth to keep operators comfortable and focused during those chilly shifts. 

They come with the option to add a defrost kit to your heater for the best visibility.

And thanks to their clever design, installing these forklift doors to your machine will take a minimal amount of time. Everything you need for a quick installation is included in the kit.

ProEnclosures’ forklift cab heater
ProEnclosures’ heater kits are very easy to install and come with the hardware needed to add them to your machine. Photo by ProEnclosures

Forklift Windshield Wiper Kits

Visibility is crucial for safe forklift operation, particularly in inclement weather conditions. 

Proenclosure's windshield wiper kits are designed to keep the windshield clear of rain, snow, and debris, contributing to uninterrupted visibility for operators. 

Unlike some windshield wiper kits, this kit is easy to install and features durable wiper blades capable of efficiently clearing moisture and contaminants from  your windshield 

It's a small upgrade that gives you a big return.

ProEnclosures’ forklift windshield wiper kit
With features like a wiper reservoir, dual-speed options, rocker switches, and a mounted control box, ProEnclosures’ forklift windshield wiper kits are everything you need for effective windshield maintenance. Photo by ProEnclosures

Forklift Cab Fans

In environments where heat and humidity are significant concerns, cab fans play a crucial role in providing operators with relief and comfort. 

Proenclosure's cab fans are designed to circulate air within the operator cabin, reducing heat buildup and preventing condensation on windows. 

With adjustable speed settings and quiet operation, these fans are a life savior in hot,  working environments

The Forklift Accessories You Need

Choosing the right accessories is essential for optimizing the performance, safety, and comfort of forklift operations.

ProEnclosures offers a comprehensive range of high-quality accessories, including polycarbonate roofs, windshields, doors, heaters, windshield wiper kits, and cab fans, designed to meet the diverse needs of forklift operators in various industries.

Upgrade your forklift fleet today by accessorizing your machines with ProEnclosures’ extensive lineup of forklift aftermarket products.

With any of these accessories added to your forklifts, your operators can handle the challenges of modern material handling.


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