ProEnclosures' Forklift Windshield Guide—Everything You Need to Know and More

ProEnclosures' Forklift Windshield Guide—Everything You Need to Know and More

ProEnclosures' Yale Forklift Windshield
Photo by: ProEnclosures

We get it. When you’re going to invest in something as big or expensive as a forklift, you have a checklist of all the things that you want before you sign on the dotted line.

Here at ProEnclosures, we do just that—we check off all the boxes. As forklift enthusiasts, we have done the research, been in the warehouses, and gone straight to the forklift operators themselves to see what they need for better work efficiency.

The first thing they mentioned—more protection and comfort.

So we answered the call with our top-of-the-line windshield design.

Let’s get into the thick of it.

This windshield guide will tell you everything you need to know. You’ll be walking out of the dealership with a windshield installed on your forklift, and one in hand to install on your forklift already in the lumber yard.

Polycarbonate Material

We make our windshields from polycarbonate. Why? Because it is ridiculously strong—it’s 250 times more impact resistant than glass and 25 times more than acrylic.

It’s the best material for protection—whether it’s shielding you from flying debris or providing a barrier against the elements. Polycarbonate is the best windshield material to keep forklift operators protected.

Justin Vanover, an engineer with almost a decade of experience, says: “Polycarbonate is a great material to work with.”

“It’s semi-rigid and flexible, and by combining both our manufacturing process and the geometry of the forklift cage, we have been able to design a windshield with superior strength characteristics.”

Forklift Windshield

Installing a windshield on your forklift, separates you from bad weather, falling freight, and kicked up debris. In the event of a collision or tip-over, windshield can also provide an additional layer of protection for the operator. Photo by: ProEnclosures

Superior Hardware and Design

Polycarbonate is the best of the best, but when you combine it with our heavy-duty brackets, water-tight seals, and clever design, you truly get something superior.

Each windshield is cut and designed to the exact shape of your cab. It’s then secured with our robust steel brackets and water-tight rubber seals, which keep rain, dust, and dirt from infiltrating your cab.

Justin also elaborated on our design concept: "Our design focuses on a simple installation process. There’s no drilling required. We use a bolt-on concept—eliminating the downtime, you see when other manufacturers take forklifts off the production floor, remove the overhead guard, and replace the entire existing structure with something new.”

When you combine our brackets, seals, and clever design—you get a rattle-free enclosure that maximizes protection and is super easy to install.

Cost Effectiveness

Another advantage of a polycarbonate, forklift windshield is—cost effectiveness. While it offers superior protection and clarity, it's a fraction of the cost of its counterparts (glass windshields). This makes them an economical choice for businesses looking to enhance protection on their entire fleet of forklifts.

Inside of a forklift

Polycarbonate windshields generally cost less than traditional glass windshields, making them a more economical option. Photo by: ProEnclosures

Forklift Windshield Wiper Kits

We also offer automatic forklift wiper kits (what's a windshield without a wiper, right?). A windshield wiper kit perfectly complements your windshield's functionality. Whether rain, snow, or debris, a windshield wiper ensures optimal visibility in all conditions, making work conditions more tolerable.

Did we mention our windshield wiper kit is automatic? Install it, add some windshield wiper fluid (see instructions for proper solution mix), hit the on button, and let it do all the work. There's no manual operation to it. 

And its easy installation process makes it a hassle-free upgrade, allowing businesses to maximize the benefits of their forklift windshields.

Forklift Wiper Kit

You should only clean polycarbonate with a mild soap solution and a soft cloth. Photo by: ProEnclosures

Rear Forklift Windshield 

When we say “windshield,” almost everyone visualizes a front windshield, but we offer rear windshields as well. A rear forklift windshield provides additional protection for operators and eliminates the dust suction that occurs when running a front windshield alone. 

With both a front and rear windshield installed, you’re one step closer to fully enclosing the cab of your forklift—maximizing comfort and protection for operators—you can’t beat that.

Forklift Rear Windshield

Wind and dust alone can cause operator fatigue over time. By providing a barrier against these elements, a windshield can help reduce fatigue, allowing operators to stay alert and focused on their tasks. Photo by: ProEnclosures

Forklift Windshields

Forklift windshields offer many benefits that make them a valuable addition to any fleet. From increased protection and clarity to low maintenance and cost-effectiveness, they check all the boxes for businesses looking to upgrade their forklifts.

Outfit your forklift fleet today—shop our windshields, wiper kits, and more.

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